RELEASE: CAP Highlights 10 Things to Watch as British Parliament Votes on Brexit Deal

Washington, D.C. — As British Parliament prepares to vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the Center for American Progress presents a new rundown of 10 questions to consider in the run-up to Tuesday’s vote and its aftermath.

The vote comes after a contentious referendum campaign in the United Kingdom and two years of difficult negotiations with the European Union (EU). But there are questions about whether May can persuade enough members to back the deal and whether her cabinet will unite or dissolve.

The analysis argues that the Trump administration should have been more helpful in these negotiations, thus ensuring that the worst-case scenario of a no-deal Brexit did not occur. Now that it is an all-too-real possibility, the Trump administration must begin planning how it will respond in the event that the United Kingdom crashes out of the EU next March in order to prevent the negative economic consequences from spreading beyond Europe.

Read the analysis: “10 Things to Watch for on Brexit” by Ken Gude.

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