RELEASE: Voter Purges Prevent Eligible Americans from Voting, CAP Fact Sheet Says

Washington, D.C. – Next week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments over whether Ohio can remove people from voters rolls simply because they didn’t vote in previous elections.

A new fact sheet from the Center for American Progress outlines how these voter purges are often targeted to keep certain groups – particularly people of color – from casting ballots.

The fact sheet shows that removal of eligible voters may result from reliance on inaccurate data, clerical errors, the use of unreliable voter check programs, and other improper techniques.

These voter purges are an insidious and often under-the-radar form of voter suppression, and if allowed to move forward, they pose a threat to Americans’ voting rights.

Read the fact sheet: “Voter Purges Prevent Eligible Americans from Voting.

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