RELEASE: House Budget Resolution Offers a Shortsighted Approach to National Security, Says New CAP Column

Washington, D.C. — The 2018 budget unveiled by House Republicans today offers a shortsighted approach to national security by boosting military spending while severely underfunding crucial diplomatic and scientific programs to deal with a complex world, a new Center for American Progress column argues.  

“Trump’s budget proposal was allegedly a ‘wish list,’ but the House budget shows how leaders in Congress have chosen to fall in line with President Donald Trump’s dangerous approach to diplomacy,” said Nathan Fenstermacher, managing director of national security and international policy at CAP and co-author of the column.

Despite pledges to go their own way, congressional Republican leaders are adopting the president’s reckless worldviews, according to the CAP column. The House budget resolution would increase U.S. Department of Defense spending even more than President Trump’s budget request—yet make dramatic cuts to diplomacy and aid programs that help reduce global conflicts. It turns a blind eye toward Trump’s efforts to hurt refugee resettlement programs during a global humanitarian crisis and guts crucial scientific efforts to reduce the effects of climate change. 

Click here to read “The Mainstreaming of Trump’s Reckless Worldviews” by Nathan Fenstermacher, Silva Mathema, Cathleen Kelly, and Lawrence Korb. 

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