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RELEASE: CAP’s U.S.-China Rising Scholar Strategic Dialogue Offers Insight into the Future of the Bilateral Relationship

Washington, D.C. – In an effort to shape the next phase of the bilateral relationship between the United States and China, the Center for American Progress is bringing together rising leaders from both nations to generate new ideas for improving cooperation and addressing risks in an increasingly uncertain era. On June 13–15, CAP brought seven U.S. experts and seven Chinese experts to Honolulu to discuss some of the most difficult issues emerging in the U.S.-China relationship today.

Findings from CAP’s U.S.-China Rising Scholar Strategic Dialogue offer unique insights on the issues U.S. President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping will grapple with when they meet on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Hangzhou, China. Today, CAP released a report sharing key highlights from that closed-door forum.

“This is an uncertain time in U.S.-China relations, but these meetings give me hope that we will eventually identify a strategic balance and common vision that both nations can support,” said Melanie Hart, Director of China Policy at the Center for American Progress. “I have tremendous faith in the ability of mid-career rising leaders on both sides to engage one another with the frankness and mutual respect that is needed to achieve true U.S.-China understanding. That this has been on display in the dialogue between the U.S. and Chinese participants bodes well for this critical relationship.”

The report identifies foundational shifts that are altering how these two great nations interact in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. The report assesses positive cases of U.S.-China cooperation on climate change and suggests that there may be opportunities to leverage similar strategies to improve the U.S.-China dynamic on security issues. The report also finds that there may be more maneuvering room on security issues than current officials realize.

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