RELEASE: Building on President Obama’s Clean Energy Successes, Top 10 Environmental Priorities for the Second Term

Read the full issue brief here.

Washington, D.C. – Today, as President Barack Obama plans to build his new energy and environment team for his second term, the Center for American Progress released “Building on President Obama’s Clean Energy Successes: The Top 10 Energy and Environment Priorities for the president’s Second Term.” This issue brief describes the policies that this administration and Congress should adopt to reduce industrial carbon pollution and protect public health. These measures would also boost investments in clean energy technologies and reduce pollution from the country’s largest industrial emitters. It is also essential to help communities cope with the increase in frequency and severity of floods, droughts, storms, and other extreme weather events  linked to climate change.

“Despite the worst economy in 80 years and opposition from Big Oil, President Obama still made critical energy reforms to protect public health and advance clean energy in his first term,” said Daniel J. Weiss, Director of Climate Change Strategy at the Center for American Progress.

“However, pollution is still harming American families as evidenced by thousands of pollution related deaths and hospitalizations, and increasingly severe extreme weather events linked to climate change. President Obama can create a remarkable legacy by tackling climate change head on issue a more protective ozone smog health standard, reject the Keystone XL pipeline, and support clean energy development with tax code reform and increased siting on public lands and water.”

Read the full issue brief here.

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