Available for Comment: Ian Millhiser on 11th Circuit Decision on Individual Mandate

Washington, D.C.—CAP Policy Analyst and Blogger Ian Millhiser will be available for comments on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal’s 2-1 decision to strike down the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act. The following is a quote from Ian Millhiser about today’s opinion:

“What today’s opinion lacks in fidelity to the Constitution it makes up for in page length. Nevertheless, there is absolutely nothing in the Eleventh Circuit’s divided ruling striking down part of the Affordable Care Act that makes me the least bit concerned about health reform’s fate before the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court held almost 200 years ago that Congress may regulate the buying of selling of health care – or any other marketplace – however it chooses so long as it does not violate a limit “prescribed in the Constitution.” Today’s opinion cites no limit because there is none. I am confident that the Supreme Court will not abandon 200 years of precedent and that the Affordable Care Act will be upheld.”

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