CAP National Security Experts Available for Comment on State of the Union Address

"Domestic policy priorities like the economy and health care will understandably take up more of President Barack Obama’s time in the second year, but he must also stay on top of a tough list of national security questions, too, such as Afghanistan, Iran, and the continued threats from Al Qaeda. We are encouraged by his remarks in the State of the Union address that he intends to do just this. In the first year, President Obama set a new tone of engagement with the world and took important steps in how America is perceived around the world. The second year will have to show some return on that investment of engagement—Americans and the world will be looking for tangible results from this new foreign policy approach."

Brian Katulis, Lawrence Korb, and Caroline Wadhams are all available for comment. To speak with them, please contact Suzi Emmerling at or 202-344-0404.