CAP Economic Experts Available for Comment on State of the Union Address

“It was good to see the President stick to the core economic initiatives that are the key to the nation’s prosperity: health care reform, energy transformation, education and innovation, regulatory reform and, once the economy is strong again, a path to fiscal responsibility. The Recovery Act passed a year ago has saved us from economic devastation. That work isn’t done, but the long-run needs of the country will not wait and the initiatives that have long been advocated by the Center for American Progress, and which the president articulated, are exactly the right formula for a thriving, not just surviving, economy.”

The following CAP experts are available for comment on the President’s State of the Union Address:

Michael Ettlinger, Vice President for Economic Policy

Christian Weller, Senior Fellow

Heather Boushey, Senior Economist

Michael Linden, Associate Director for Tax and Budget Policy

Please contact Jason Rahlan at or 202.714.0437 to speak with them.