STATEMENT: CAP Expert Judy Feder on Senate Finance Committee’s Vote on Health Reform Legislation

“The Senate Finance Committee’s passage of bipartisan, paid-for health reform legislation today marks a historic step forward. Under the leadership of Chairman Baucus, the Finance Committee spent countless hours examining the issue of reform in an open and bipartisan fashion, and soliciting input from across the political spectrum. Their final product reflects this hard work and openness to ideas from both sides.

“Now, the task at hand is to ensure that the bill that goes to the President’s desk is the best possible package of reforms that will produce the best possible outcome for hard-working Americans. This will involve resolving some difficult issues, and we look forward to continue to work on these issues as proceed down the road towards enacting health reform legislation that will deliver the affordable health care Americans are counting on.”

Judy Feder is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress.