AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: CAP Experts on The Budget Committee’s Hearing on the War on Poverty

Washington, D.C. – Tomorrow, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is convening a hearing “A Progress Report on the War on Poverty: Lessons from the Frontlines.”  The hearing comes as a follow up to Rep. Ryan’s “listening tour” with low-income families over the past few months, during which Ryan used a fake story to attack the school lunch program, was conspicuously absent in soup kitchens and shelters in his own district, and blamed poverty on “inner-city” men. In anticipation of the hearing, poverty experts from the Center for American Progress and people with first-hand experiences related to the War on Poverty are available to comment.

CAP experts:

First-hand accounts:

These contributors are part of the Our American Story community, a network of low-income families, service providers, and other community leaders working to expand economic opportunity for all through the power of sharing personal experiences.

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