AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: LGBT and Legal Experts on the Upcoming Supreme Court Rulings

Washington, D.C. — In anticipation of the Supreme Court delivering historic rulings over the next month on two cases that will affect thousands of same-sex couples throughout the United States, the Center for American Progress released a new brief that examines these cases in detail. The brief, “Marriage Equality and the Supreme Court,” serves as a guide for what is at stake in the upcoming rulings by unpacking the legal challenges before the Court, detailing what the possible outcomes are, and analyzing the effects that these various outcomes would have on loving and committed same-sex couples as well as the broader LGBT community.

Ahead of the Supreme Court’s rulings, the following LGBT policy and legal experts are available to discuss the specifics of the cases, their possible outcomes, and the widespread implications the Court’s rulings will have on the future of LGBT rights:

Read “Marriage Equality and the Supreme Court by Crosby Burns and Joshua Field.

To speak with CAP experts about this issue, please contact Madeline Meth at mmeth@americanprogress.org or 202.741.6277.