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Beyond Moral Justification Report
The recent economic crisis makes it even more challenging for developing countries to achieve gender parity—when men and women have equal access to economic opportunity and outcomes in education, in the transition from school to work, and in the labor market. (AP/Kent Gilbert)

Beyond Moral Justification

Isha Vij and Sabina Dewan examine the importance of delivering just jobs to women.

Isha Vij, Sabina Dewan

The Case for Just Jobs Report
Ensuring the enforcement of labor standards and social protection helps create a more even playing field so that countries with lower levels of development than other countries cannot leverage poor labor standards as a competitive strategy. (AP/Rajesh Nirgude)

The Case for Just Jobs

Just jobs raise living standards for millions of people and serve as instruments for promoting global stability and security, write John Podesta and Sabina Dewan.

John Podesta, Sabina Dewan, Isha Vij