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Trevor Sutton

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Trevor Sutton is a senior fellow with the Energy and Environment department at American Progress. Previously, Sutton worked at the U.N. Development Programme and International Organization for Migration, where he advised on anti-corruption issues. He also served as a presidential management fellow in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and as a judicial clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Sutton has published on a range of legal and foreign policy issues, including a book on the constitutional legacy of the war on terror written with Yale Law School professor Owen Fiss. Sutton holds a B.A. from Stanford University; an M.Phil. from Oxford, where he was a Marshall scholar; and a J.D. from Yale. He speaks Mandarin and French. In addition to his work at American Progress, Sutton is a senior adviser for foreign policy at Human Rights First.


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3 International Climate Priorities for 2024 Report
Photo shows several flags arranged in a circular formation, flying against a grey cloudy sky

3 International Climate Priorities for 2024

As President Joe Biden’s first term draws to a close, his administration must deliver on three international climate policies to catalyze a 21st-century clean energy economy and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Anne Christianson, Trevor Sutton, Frances Colón

Official COP28 Side Event: Trade in a Climate-Constrained World: Adding Value From U.S. Manufacturing to Indian Entrepreneurship Past Event

Official COP28 Side Event: Trade in a Climate-Constrained World: Adding Value From U.S. Manufacturing to Indian Entrepreneurship

The Center for American Progress, the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, and Development Alternatives are excited to host this official UNFCCC COP28 side event in Dubai.

The Net-Zero Banking Alliance Article
View of landscape from above showing several windmills against a bright blue sky and grass fields.

The Net-Zero Banking Alliance

A new private sector-led initiative presents the opportunity for major global financial institutions to play a key role in decarbonizing the global economy.

Trevor Sutton

Turning the Tide on Dirty Money Report
Money rolls are displayed on a white background. (Tarik Kizilkaya)

Turning the Tide on Dirty Money

To promote domestic resilience and curb the malign influence of authoritarian powers, the United States and its democratic partners need to unite against corruption and kleptocracy.

Trevor Sutton, Ben Judah

Adieu to Laissez-Faire Trade In the News

Adieu to Laissez-Faire Trade

Trevor Sutton and Andy Green explain how the next administration can advocate for trade policies that build a stronger and fairer economic system at home and abroad.


Trevor Sutton, Andy Green

WTO Reform Must Start at the Top Article
A sign of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is seen on their headquarters in Geneva, September 2018. (Getty/Fabrice Coffrini)

WTO Reform Must Start at the Top

The world’s largest trade body needs a leader committed to a fairer and more sustainable global economy.

Trevor Sutton, Andy Green

The Anomaly of Taiwanese Democracy In the News

The Anomaly of Taiwanese Democracy

Trevor Sutton discusses why policymakers in Washington, D.C., should pay attention to the success of Taiwan's democratic experiment.

The Washington Monthly

Trevor Sutton

Taking the High Ground Report
The White House is reflected in a rain puddle after a press briefing at the White House in Washington, February 2018. (The White House reflected in a rain puddle.)

Taking the High Ground

Repairing the damage done to global human rights under President Trump will require a forceful and expansive human rights agenda from the next administration.

Trevor Sutton, Carolyn Kenney

Donald Trump’s Gift to Kleptocrats Report
 (President Donald Trump boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, October 2019.)

Donald Trump’s Gift to Kleptocrats

The president’s attempted shakedown of Ukraine is a colossal blow to U.S. efforts to fight corruption around the world.

Trevor Sutton, Alexandra Schmitt

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