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Peter Juul

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Peter Juul is a senior policy analyst at American Progress, where he specializes in the Middle East, military affairs, and U.S. national security policy. He holds degrees in international relations from Carleton College and security studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

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After the Paris Attacks Report
Kurdish fighters take up positions to fight ISIS militants in Kobani, Syria, on November 1, 2014. (AP/Jake Simkin)

After the Paris Attacks

To turn the tide against ISIS, America needs to step up its military and diplomatic campaign and reject voices calling for the country to turn against refugees and Muslims.

Vikram Singh, Ken Gude, Peter Juul, 3 More William F. Wechsler, Hardin Lang, Brian Katulis

Supporting the Syrian Opposition Report
Black smoke leaps into the air from shelling by pro-Assad forces in a residential area in Aleppo, Syria. (AP/Manu Brabo)

Supporting the Syrian Opposition

The Obama administration has an important opportunity to adjust its course in Syria and Iraq, particularly regarding the threat posed by ISIS, and assume a more engaged leadership role.

Hardin Lang, Mokhtar Awad, Ken Sofer, 2 More Peter Juul, Brian Katulis

Adapting to the Future of Intelligence Gathering Report
 (Security cameras)

Adapting to the Future of Intelligence Gathering

We need to update our online privacy laws, address the increasing privatization of intelligence gathering, and find ways to balance our national-security needs with the legal protections afforded to all Americans.

Peter Juul

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