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Audit the Tax Code Report
Spending programs delivered through tax expenditures should be subject to the same level of scrutiny as direct spending programs. We should make sure tax expenditures are efficiently delivering desired results. Tax expenditures that don’t work or are misguided should be scrapped—just the same as ineffective spending programs. (AP/Susan Walsh)

Audit the Tax Code

Report from Sima J. Gandhi sets out the Doing What Works philosophy on tax expenditure reform.

Sima J. Gandhi

America’s Hidden Power Bill Report
An oil refinery is seen in Texas. Each tax day energy companies—electric utilities, oil refiners, renewable energy developers, coal miners, ethanol producers, and others—record billions of dollars worth of special tax credits and deductions. (AP/David J. Phillip)

America’s Hidden Power Bill

Report from Richard W. Caperton and Sima J. Gandhi argues that federal tax expenditures for energy should receive equal treatment with direct spending in the budget process.

Richard W. Caperton, Sima J. Gandhi

i3 Brings Innovation to Education Report
A stack of bills await Washington Governor Chris Gregoire's signature on March 29, 2010, including reforms aimed at making the state competitive in the next round of federal Race to the Top grants. (AP/Elaine Thompson)

i3 Brings Innovation to Education

Sima J. Gandhi explains how Congress can improve educational outcomes by investing in programs that encourage innovation while emphasizing results.

Sima J. Gandhi

Cracking the Code Report

Cracking the Code

A closer look at spending by Sima Gandhi shows some seriously surprising tax subsidies. This lists 10 examples of tax expenditures that warrant further examination.

Sima J. Gandhi

Slay the Sacred Tax Cow Article
Because eliminating tax subsidies can be characterized by their defenders as tax increases instead of spending cuts, they are often perceived as sacred cows that can’t be eliminated. (iStockphoto)

Slay the Sacred Tax Cow

Scrutinizing and cutting wasteful tax expenditures is a necessary part of fiscal planning that can save governments billions, writes Sima Gandhi.

Sima J. Gandhi

Why the Savings from Health Care Reform Are Underappreciated Article

Why the Savings from Health Care Reform Are Underappreciated

The lack of a whole-hearted, landslide, public embrace of health reform is surprising considering that unless your family earns over $250,000, reform costs you nothing and, the president's health care plan, if enacted, is estimated to increase the income of the average family of four by about $10,000 in 2030.

Sima J. Gandhi