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Kevin DeGood

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Kevin DeGood is the director of Infrastructure Policy at American Progress. His work focuses on how highway, transit, aviation, and maritime policy affect America’s global competitiveness, access to opportunity for diverse communities, and environmental sustainability.

Prior to joining American Progress, DeGood was the deputy policy director at Transportation for America, where he conducted research, provided legislative analysis, and advanced T4 campaign priorities with congressional leaders. In addition, DeGood served as the director of legislative affairs for Simon and Company, Inc., a federal affairs firm specializing in the representation of municipal governments and transit authorities.

DeGood holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is the author of Thinking Outside the Farebox: Creative Approaches to Financing Transit Projects.

Latest by Kevin DeGood

Building Interstate 11 through Arizona is a $7 billion waste In the News

Building Interstate 11 through Arizona is a $7 billion waste

Author Kevin DeGood explains why Arizona's costly Interstate 11 project is a poor infrastructure investment and argues for sustainable, high-quality public transportation as well as dedicated facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Kevin DeGood

The Limits Of Engineering In the News

The Limits Of Engineering

Author Kevin DeGood details some of the measures that Houston could take to ensure that it is less vulnerable to flooding in the future.

Kevin DeGood

How should America pay for its infrastructure needs? In the News

How should America pay for its infrastructure needs?

Author Kevin DeGood emphasizes the importance of the federal government funding state and local infrastructure projects, which would in turn encourage local elected officials to raise more tax revenue for those projects.

Kevin DeGood

Larry Hogan’s hovering white elephant In the News

Larry Hogan’s hovering white elephant

Kevin DeGood argues that Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan should prioritize cost-beneficial investments that will bring real benefits to the state over the so-called maglev train.

Kevin DeGood

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