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War in an Age of Deficits In the News

War in an Age of Deficits

As the nation moves forward with operations in Libya, questions of how these actions will affect our fiscal health will and should be unavoidable, write Lawrence Korb and Laura Conley.

Restoring Tricare Report
As a result of unprecedented cost growth in the Tricare system, nearly 10 percent of the baseline defense budget now goes to providing medical care for active duty, reserve, and National Guard troops and their dependents, as well as military retirees of all ages and their dependents. (AP)

Restoring Tricare

The cost of military health care could eventually begin to divert funding away from other crucial national security initiatives, write Lawrence Korb, Laura Conley, and Alex Rothman.

Lawrence J. Korb, Laura Conley, Alex Rothman

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