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Taking Biofuels to the Next Level Article
Palm tree farmer Dylan Bailey explains the process of growing the  jatropha plant in Delray Beach, FL, on June 12, 2009. The jatropha plant is a source of biofuel that can contribute to cut  our oil dependence and diversify our energy alternatives. (AP/Alan Diaz)

Taking Biofuels to the Next Level

Biofuels can play a direct role in diversifying our energy sources and contribute to cutting our oil dependence, writes Jake Caldwell.

Jake Caldwell

Real Money for Farmers Article
The Mountaineer Wind Energy Center on Backbone Mountain near Thomas, West Virginia. (AP/Dale Sparks)

Real Money for Farmers

Jake Caldwell outlines how comprehensive clean energy legislation can help raise farmers’ incomes while delivering a healthier climate for all Americans.

Jake Caldwell

On the Road to Better Biofuels Article
A field of jatropha plants that is a source of biofuel. The trees cost $6 to $7 each, can be grown 400 to an acre, and produce more than two gallons of oil apiece each season at maturity. (AP/Alan Diaz)

On the Road to Better Biofuels

The Environmental Protection Agency’s new standard gives farmers and green industries needed guidance alongside necessary scientific review, writes Jake Caldwell

Jake Caldwell

Low-Carbon Fuels Done Right Article
Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board, answers questions concerning new low-carbon fuel rules during a news conference in Sacramento, CA, April 23, 2009. (AP/Rich Pedroncelli)

Low-Carbon Fuels Done Right

California makes move to even cleaner fuels in fight against global warming, writes Jake Caldwell. It’s the way of the future.

Jake Caldwell

Climate Change and International Competitiveness Article
Workers prepare molten stainless steel before it is poured into a mold at a foundry in Pevely, MO. While President Barack Obama looks for global consensus on climate solutions, Congress needs to ensure the United States moves forward domestically to build a competitive clean-energy economy. (AP/Jeff Roberson)

Climate Change and International Competitiveness

President Obama wants a global accord to combat climate change, but the U.S. Congress needs to ensure we can move forward to create a competitive low-carbon economy, says Jake Caldwell.

Jake Caldwell

Doha’s Last Gasp for 2008? Article
U.S. trade representative Susan Schwab speaks during a press conference after the opening of the World Trade Organization ministerial summit in Geneva, Switzerland, on July 21, 2008. (AP/Keystone, Salvatore Di Nolfi)

Doha’s Last Gasp for 2008?

Jake Caldwell outlines what needs to happen to salvage the Doha Round negotiations as the World Trade Organization meets this week in Geneva.

Jake Caldwell

Food Price Crisis 101 Article
Red Cross volunteers distribute food in Chisinau, Moldova where droughts over four of the past five years have severely limited the food supply. (AP/John McConnico)

Food Price Crisis 101

The world food system must transform to meet new challenges, and the United States can and should lead the way, writes Jake Caldwell.

Jake Caldwell

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