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K-12 Education Team Policy Positions

In support of an education agenda rooted in equity, the K-12 Education team has advocated for and against certain policies through sign-on letters, support for federal and state legislation, and public comments.

This page will be regularly updated, including with status updates on legislation.

ALL Sign-On Letter Public Comments Federal Legislation State Legislation

The Funnel To Passing AP Exams

This interactive uses data from the U.S. Department of Education to estimate how many students, overall and disaggregated, enroll in AP courses, take AP tests, and pass AP tests.


Public Hearing on Title IX

Led by GLSEN and six other co-leaders, these comments were submitted in response to the Department of Education’s public hearing on Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.


5 Ways To Include Student Voice in Education Policymaking

Student voice must be included at every level of education policymaking to ensure that all students’ needs are being served during and after COVID-19 and that every student has access to a quality education.


Supporting the Expansion of Next Generation Community Schools

Scott Sargrad joins his fellow members of the Task Force on Next Generation Community Schools to write a letter to the incoming Biden-Harris administration about supporting community schools.


Maintaining State Accountability Systems for 2021

This letter, led by the Alliance for Excellent Education, responds to new guidance from the Department of Education regarding assessments, data reporting, and school accountability in 2021.

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