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K-12 Education Team Partner Organizations

The K-12 Education Policy team has formed several partnerships with other advocates, organizations, and community members for greater collaboration and advocacy. This page lists our partners and the type of work we do with them to advance our goal of ensuring every child has access to a quality education.

Advocacy partners

Coalition groups

The K-12 Education team is grateful to be part of several great coalitions that allow education advocates and community members to share information, coordinate advocacy, brainstorm policy proposals, and more.

Public Education Big Table Coalition: This coalition is coordinated by the Center for American Progress in partnership with the American Federation of Teachers, Democrats for Education Reform, EdTrust, and the National Education Association, representing a group of education, civil rights, disability, research, and community organizations working together on education policy and advocacy focused on K-12 education and the needs of school-aged children. We are committed to supporting and strengthening the nation’s public schools and working to advance equity and ensure that every child in every community has access to a high-quality public school.
PIE Network: The PIE Network connects, strengthens, and catalyzes the work of education advocates across communities, states, and ideological lines. Members of the PIE Network believe that education can—and should—be transformative and that change is needed now so that every student has an equitable and excellent education. Members also believe that policy is a critical lever for changing systems, establishing expectations, and driving resources to meet needs.
TeachStrong: TeachStrong was a coalition, launched in 2015, of more than 60 diverse education organizations and nearly 100 educators from 28 states and Washington, D.C. The coalition sought to change the national education policy conversation around teaching and to transform the systems and policies that support teachers throughout their careers in order to, ultimately, ensure that all students have access to great teaching.

CAP and community

The K-12 Education team believes that education policymaking should be developed with support from the community. Therefore, the team collaborates with community-based organizations to have conversations with educators, administrators, students, and parents about their ideas and experiences. The stories and insights from these conversations are incorporated into the team’s policy proposals and advocacy.

Major initiative partners

The K-12 Education team has collaborated with the following partners on different education-related initiatives or campaigns.

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