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Economic Snapshot: August 2015

article icon Issue Brief America’s middle class deserves a shot at real economic security, and it is about time that policymakers make it happen.

Why LGBT Students Can Still Face Discrimination at School

play_alt icon Video Learn more about why LGBT students can still face discrimination in education.

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Climate Change Threatens Electric Grid Reliability in the Midwest and Great Plains

Opponents of the Clean Power Plan often claim that it will threaten grid reliability, but unmitigated climate change poses the greatest risk to the power sector’s stability in the Midwest and Great Plains.

The Legacy of Katrina

play_alt icon Video It has been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and disproportionately affected its poor and black residents. Senior Fellow Sam Fulwood asks what have we learned since those dark days in Louisiana a decade ago.

Hurricane Ivan enters the Gulf of Mexico.

Key Principles for Climate-Related Risk Insurance

book_alt2 icon Report In the run-up to Paris, the Obama administration has an opportunity to lead the efforts to expand access to climate-related insurance across the developing world through parametric insurance programs.

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People of Color: Their Contributions, Their Potential

article icon Fact Sheet As demographics shift and the share of people of color in the U.S. population continues to increase, it is important to take notice of the contributions that people of color make to the United States and their potential contributions to the nation in the future.

Investing in Millennial Parents Through an Expanded Child Tax Credit

Key reforms to the CTC could enable it to better serve the group who needs it most: new Millennial parents.

The Arctic Is on the Brink: Here’s Why You Should Care

play_alt icon Video CAP Senior Fellow Cathleen Kelly explains why Arctic warming—and melting—matters to you.

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Strengthening the Child Tax Credit Would Provide Greater Economic Stability for Millennial Parents

article icon Issue Brief Strengthening the Child Tax Credit would greatly enhance the economic security of Millennial families with children, while making a crucial investment in the country’s next generation.

A Renewable Energy Revolution on America’s Public Lands and Waters

The partnership between the federal government and renewable energy developers has contributed to the nation’s twentyfold increase in solar generation and threefold increase in wind generation since 2009.

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The Importance of Women of Color Voters: Then and Now

bars icon Charts Data from the U.S. Census Bureau show the important role of women of color voters.

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A 4-Point Plan for Responsibly Expanding Renewable Energy Production on America’s Public Lands and Oceans

book_alt2 icon Report To speed the next generation of renewable energy projects on public lands and waters, policymakers should institutionalize permitting reforms, designate new renewable energy zones, collaborate with communities for new projects, and create a revolving loan fund.

Reducing Chronic Truancy

While success in school is dependent upon many factors, being present each and every day is critical, particularly for low-income students and students of color, who face a variety of educational barriers.

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The Turkish Model

article icon Issue Brief The United States has conceived of Turkey as a model country in successive foreign policy constructs, complicating engagement with this problematic ally.

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The EPA’s Newest Methane Emissions Rule Is a Crucial Step for Climate Action

The Environmental Protection Agency’s new proposal is a critical component of the Obama administration’s efforts to address climate change and paves the way for future action to cut methane emissions.

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