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Obama and Modi

Paris: The New Geopolitics of Climate Change

A series of recent climate pledges from developing countries has demonstrated that the geopolitics of climate action is shifting in the lead-up to the Paris climate agreement.

Young adult using computer

Expanding ID Card Access for LGBT Homeless Youth

book_alt2 icon Report Reducing the barriers to ID cards for homeless youth could improve access to critical services and new opportunities.

workers build stage

The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-October 2015 Jobs Release

bars icon Charts Here are six charts on the economy six years after the Great Recession.

Baby girl with family

State Paid Leave Administration

book_alt2 icon Report This report outlines key considerations for states interested in developing paid family and medical leave programs.

Family members in front of home

Time to Reboot the Housing Market

In the market for home purchase loans, stark disparities remain between people of color and non-Hispanic white homebuyers. Policymakers must seriously consider these disparities as they design programs to make the home mortgage market more equitable.

Restoring Evidence-Based Medicine and Standards of Care

Far too many legislators continue to embrace laws that disregard evidence and science and inappropriately mandate care and how it is delivered.

Changing the Conversation on Abortion Restrictions

article icon Issue Brief Hundreds of laws have been passed to restrict abortion in the past few years that undermine health care providers’ ability to provide—and patients’ right to receive—individualized, quality care. To counter this, legislators in several states are introducing bills that would protect evidence-based medical care and expand abortion access.

Typhoon Hagupit

The Meaning of Loss and Damage in the International Climate Negotiations

article icon Issue Brief Loss and damage is a concept that is broader than climate adaptation and should not be conflated with liability or compensation.

Putin U.N. address

Putin Should Not Throw Stones

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent comments about the unrest in Ferguson highlight why the United States must work to address its own shortcomings as it promotes democracy abroad.

Assessing American Foreign Policy Toward China

Melanie Hart, Director of China Policy at the Center for American Progress, testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

A light rail repairer works on railcar wheels

Economic Snapshot: September 2015

article icon Issue Brief Congress can and should act to strengthen the economy in order to boost the economic fortunes of middle-class families.

Increasing Millennial Families’ Access to High Quality Child Care

The United States has the third-highest child care costs as a percentage of family income compared to other developed countries, and current child care subsidy programs are simply not enough.

Women working in a lab

How Married Women’s Rising Earnings Have Reduced Inequality

Our currently unacceptable levels of inequality would be even higher were it not for married women’s rising earnings.

Women career fair

To Fight Inequality, Support Women’s Work

book_alt2 icon Report Policies that give all women an equal shot at staying employed are essential tools in fighting income inequality.

Wisconsin highway

White Elephant Watch: Vol. 3

article icon Issue Brief Wisconsin State Highway 23 is a costly and unnecessary project that highlights the lack of accountability with federal transportation funds.

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