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A woman learns about employment opportunities

Economic Snapshot: July 2015

article icon Issue Brief Middle-class economic stability for all is the key to stronger economic growth and should be front and center on policymakers’ agendas.

BP’s Massive Settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice

What does the amount—$18.7 billion—mean to one of the wealthiest, most profitable corporations on the planet?

LGBt and disability justice advocates

Disability Justice Is LGBT Justice: A Conversation with Movement Leaders

The LGBT and disability movements have both seen tremendous progress in the past decades—but much work remains. In this podcast, movement leaders discuss the personal and political intersections of the work that lies ahead.

Oil clean

The True Value of BP’s $18.7 Billion Settlement

article icon Issue Brief The biggest settlement in American history has a lot of nuances. Is it a better deal for BP or for Gulf of Mexico restoration?

Where Will BP’s $18.7 Billion Deepwater Horizon Settlement Go?

cursor icon Interactive This interactive breaks down the $18.7 billion BP settlement into its different components, making it easier to understand.


Pharmaceutical Provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Threaten Drug Access and Affordability

The current draft of the TPP will raise drug prices and hinder access to critical medications.

NYC Pride

Expanding Protections for LGBT People Strengthens Protections for Us All

New legislation to amend existing federal nondiscrimination laws to expressly include lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans will fortify and further protect the freedoms and rights of all Americans.

Chinese Direct Investment in the U.S. Energy Economy

cursor icon Interactive CAP mapped Chinese direct investment activity across the U.S. energy economy to analyze where these investments are happening and what makes some regions more attractive than others.

wind turbines

Mapping Chinese Direct Investment in the U.S. Energy Economy

book_alt2 icon Report Federal agencies should support U.S. governors, mayors, and private enterprises working to leverage foreign direct investment from China and other nations to build new clean energy projects in the United States.

Ensuring Access to Health Care for Future Generations

The political conversation surrounding the ACA must move beyond repeal and turn toward serious debates about how to improve and shape health care for future generations.

Medicare house call

The 50th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid: Providing Hope for the ACA’s Future

As was the case with Medicare and Medicaid, the conversation surrounding the Affordable Care Act will likely move beyond repeal toward serious debate about improving the health care system.

Iowa family

Fast Facts: Economic Security for Iowa Families

article icon Fact Sheet The right policies can go a long way toward helping Iowa women gain economic security.

Eliminating Abusive Financial Practices on Campus

The proposed rule would take several steps to rebalance the playing field in favor of students and families.

College student in dorm

Cash Management Rule Maximizes Student Access to Financial Aid Dollars

The U.S. Department of Education’s proposed regulations of campus financial products would ensure that students’ best interests are met.

A More Effective Federal Budget Process

Setting a responsible course for the federal budget requires political will and compromise.

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