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Students in classroom and diversity

Top 5 Ways for Public Schools to Better Support Talented Students of Color

Students of color continue to be underrepresented in rigorous and selective academic programs, and schools must work to ensure that talented students of color are adequately supported and challenged.

A student in class

Where Are the Gifted and Talented Black Students?

Social and institutional barriers are keeping African American students from the ranks of gifted and talented programs.

A pedestrian passes under a Turkish flag.

Turkey After the July Coup Attempt

The July 15 coup attempt was deeply traumatic for Turkey, but that does not justify President Erdoğan’s many disturbing postcoup actions.

Wisconsin voters

Preventing Problems at the Polls: Wisconsin

article icon Issue Brief Wisconsin voters could face obstacles at the polls due to new laws making it tougher to vote and abolishing the state’s nonpartisan election administration agency. Here are some things to watch out for.

Negotiation Plus: A Framework for Value-Based Drug Pricing Negotiation

article icon Issue Brief CAP’s drug pricing framework would empower Medicare and private payers to negotiate effectively for drug prices, backed by binding arbitration.

Three Percenters

Violent Words, Violent Crimes

book_alt2 icon Report Anti-government extremism, tensions over control of public lands, and easy access to guns collide in Nevada, with devastating consequences.

Hurricane Ike damage

The Costs of Climate Inaction

article icon Issue Brief Over the past decade, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has spent billions of taxpayer dollars to repair damage from extreme weather, a price tag that could increase with climate change.

School hall

Counsel or Criminalize?

article icon Issue Brief Public schools have not adapted to address students’ mental, social, and emotional barriers to learning, and children of color are disproportionately affected.

A family at home

The Cost of Work-Family Policy Inaction

book_alt2 icon Report The lack of work-family policies in the United States costs working families billions of dollars in lost wages every year.

small-business owner

Tax Simplification That Works for Everyone

book_alt2 icon Report Three big steps can make the U.S. tax code simpler, while improving tax fairness and the nation’s long-term fiscal health.

Workers in silhouette

The Economic Impacts of Removing Unauthorized Immigrant Workers

book_alt2 icon Report The United States as a whole, as well as each state, stands to suffer widespread economic losses under a policy that removes unauthorized immigrants.

Removing Unauthorized Workers Harms States and Industries Across the Country

cursor icon Interactive This interactive map shows the economic losses each state would suffer if unauthorized immigrants were removed from the country.

solar panel installation

3 Reasons to Support the Clean Power Plan, and 1 Reason to Do Even More

The Clean Power Plan will expedite the deployment of renewables and cut carbon emissions and other pollutants that harm human health.

Syrian refugees

Renewing the United States’ Global Commitment to Refugee Resettlement

On the eve of the U.N. and Obama administration summits on the global refugee challenge, the United States should redouble its commitment to refugee resettlement.

Kerry in Greenland

Avoiding a Full Arctic Meltdown

book_alt2 icon Report This fall, world leaders and science ministers have a shot at stepping up global action to avert catastrophic Arctic and global climate change.

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