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Continued U.S. Leadership in Robotic Space Exploration

Americans can once again bask in the pride that comes from leading—and completing—humanity’s initial exploration of its own celestial backyard.

Central Park Apollo moon landing

New Horizons Leads the Robotic Exploration of Earth’s Celestial Neighbors

This month, NASA’s New Horizons probe will become the first spacecraft to reach Pluto, helping the United States retain its lead in the exploration of our solar system.

Using Labels and Receipts to Make Retirement Investments More Transparent

If investors are able to more easily understand whether their fund choices are high cost or low cost, they will likely pay much closer attention to fees.

Brother sister flag protest

Confronting White Privilege

There’s no reason for anyone to recoil from honest conversations about race.

Retirement Receipts

Retirement Labels and Retirement Receipts Could Save American Investors Billions Each Year

Easy-to-understand fee disclosures can help those saving for retirement make better-informed decisions.

The Senate DRIVE Act Fails to Address Metropolitan Congestion

The transportation challenges facing the United States cannot be solved solely through the expansion of mega-highways.

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The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-July 2015 Jobs Release

bars icon Charts Here are six charts on the economy six years after the Great Recession.

scientist in laboratory

How to Foster Long-Term Innovation Investment

article icon Issue Brief Ensuring that equity markets serve investors who take the long view of companies’ growth prospects is important for corporate bottom lines and economic growth.

Moving Past the Failed Trickle-Down Experiment

Trickle-down economics have failed to deliver higher overall income growth; the middle class needs active policy solutions that produce inclusive prosperity.

Morning rush hour

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Misses an Opportunity for Reform

Senate highway authorization fails to make needed reforms to reduce congestion, improve overall system performance, or direct federal funds flow to projects that will provide the greatest return on investment.

Jobseeker at job fair

Economic Snapshot: June 2015

article icon Issue Brief Policymakers need to create real economic security by fighting the twin evils of massive income inequality and anemic economic growth.

Infographic: The Discrimination that Remains Beyond Marriage

Despite our nation’s progress on marriage equality, it remains legal to discriminate against LGBT workers, customers, students, renters, and homebuyers in a majority of states.

A woman reads paperwork

New Data Illustrate the Failure of the Trickle-Down Experiment

Updated data from University of California, Berkeley, economist Emmanuel Saez illustrate how middle-class income growth is essential to promote healthy economic growth.

Viewing Student Debt Through the Lens of College Completion

Across all states, the average amount of debt per graduate is lower than the average debt per borrower.

college graduation commencement

The Relationship Between Student Debt and College Completion

While high levels of student loan debt are troubling, they may reflect higher rates of postsecondary degree attainment in some states.

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