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blood samples with Zika

The Population of Pregnant Women at Potential Risk of Zika Virus Infection

article icon Issue Brief More than 2 million pregnant women will be potentially at risk from Zika this summer and fall.

oil field

It Is Time to Phase Out 9 Unnecessary Oil and Gas Tax Breaks

article icon Fact Sheet Congress should phase out nine wasteful tax breaks for the oil and gas industry to level the playing field with cleaner sources of energy.

Man typing on computer

In Response to the Unknown and Faceless

A recent “Race and Beyond” column about Pat Buchanan got the attention of readers from all corners of the Internet, and many of the responses, while negative, are nonetheless eye-opening.

college library

The Case for Federal Higher Education Affordability Standards

book_alt2 icon Report The health care and housing sectors can teach us about rethinking college affordability.

A solar power plant nears completion.

The Potential of Proxy Carbon Pricing in International Development Finance

article icon Issue Brief International finance institutions can use proxy carbon pricing in conjunction with other tools to drive climate-compatible investments and help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Zika Virus in the United States

article icon Issue Brief The United States and its territories cannot afford to delay implementing the Obama administration’s plan to address the Zika virus. Congress should put aside partisanship to pass emergency funding.

Refugee camp Turkey

Is Erdoğan Holding Europe Hostage?

article icon Issue Brief Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants to use Turkey’s migrant deal with the European Union to achieve his goals in Syria and force Europe to accept his authoritarian streak.

U.S. Department of Education building

Building a Student-Level Data System

Comprehensive federal data on people in college would help institutions, students, states, and the federal government.

retiree volunteer

Yet Another Reason Raising the Social Security Retirement Age Is a Terrible Idea

A new study documenting the growing life expectancy gap by income is the latest in a long line of research showing that raising the Social Security retirement age is the wrong approach.

Powering Progress: 2016 Progressive Party

play_alt icon Video This week, American Progress hosted its annual Progressive Party, featuring Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who discussed the enduring and unifying values of the progressive movement and the need for new policies that lift up all Americans.

Obama mosque visit

President Obama’s Legacy for Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

President Barack Obama has been a leader in supporting and advancing AAPI communities.

Explore the Data for ‘Making the Grade’

cursor icon Interactive Learn about next-generation school accountability systems and explore which indicators states currently use to hold schools accountable. This report is designed to help states as they build new systems to comply with the Every Student Succeeds Act, which requires states to consider a broader range of measures for student and school success.

Rulers on map

Making the Grade

book_alt2 icon Report State accountability systems vary in complexity, and while the majority of states have surpassed the requirements of No Child Left Behind, nearly all states will need to make adjustments to comply fully with the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Prescription medications

New Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Proposal Tests Ways to Lower Drug Expenditures

The Center for American Progress supports a proposal from the CMS that would benefit patients by testing different ways to pay for expensive drugs.

Barracks for the Pennsylvania State Police

Pennsylvania Under the Gun

article icon Issue Brief While Pennsylvania has instituted important measures to prevent gun violence, more can be done to strengthen its laws and reduce gun-related crimes.

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