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Expanding Language Access to Protect Consumers with Limited English Proficiency

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's proposed Language Access Plan will make access to consumer financial products more transparent for households with limited English proficiency.

Eliminating Fossil Fuel Subsidies to Curb Carbon Pollution

At it's spring meetings, the World Bank will discuss reductions in fossil fuel subsidies as a means to curb climate change.

Indonesia Fuel Subsidy

Fossil-Fuel Subsidies in the Crosshairs at World Bank Spring Meetings

Fossil fuel subsidy reform is a global necessity and is right where it should be—at the top of the World Bank’s development and climate agenda.

Updating the Strategic Rationale for the U.S.-Israel Relationship

Amid tumult in the Middle East, the United States and Israel should re-frame and strengthen their bilateral relationship.

power plant

Carbon-Pollution Levels Have Fallen Since 2005 but Remain a Critical Issue

The Clean Power Plan is essential to ensure that the nation’s power plants emit less, not more, carbon pollution in the future.

Israel election billboard

What’s Next in Israel

article icon Issue Brief The March 17 election results will likely lead to a narrow right-wing government in Israel. The Obama administration must balance fundamental disagreements with the need to maintain its relationship with a key Middle Eastern ally.

Obama and Netanyahu

Strengthening the Foundations of U.S.-Israel Ties at a Time of Change in the Middle East

article icon Issue Brief The strategic rationale for the U.S.-Israel partnership must evolve with the changing geopolitical and regional context.


An Ivy League Game of the Dozens

Let black intellectuals debate their differences and settle their scores in wars of words.

Earth Day 45th birthday

Video: The Three Biggest Threats to the Environment from the 114th Congress

play_alt icon Video Support for the environment was once a bipartisan affair. Democrats and Republicans came together to create the first Earth Day in 1970. No longer. Here are the three biggest threats to America’s public lands and waters in the 114th Congress.

Crafting Effective Regulation for the Prepaid Card Market

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should alter its proposed rule to make prepaid cards safer, more transparent, and more affordable.

ATM withdrawal

Better Banking Products on Campus

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Safe Student Account Scorecard is a first step toward ensuring that college financial products are designed with students in mind.

Prepaid cards

Making Prepaid Cards Safer, More Transparent, and More Affordable

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed prepaid card rule adds transparency and security to cards that increasingly resemble bank accounts, but further improvements could be made.

Don’t Cut Benefits for Disabled Americans Returning to Work

Proposed restrictions on unemployment benefits would punish social security disability insurance beneficiaries who attempt to return to work.

El Centro

Language Access Is a Consumer Protection Issue

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Language Access Plan is a step toward empowering consumers with limited English proficiency to participate fully in the financial marketplace.

Helping Students Through Transparent College Oversight

By releasing its list of colleges under heightened cash monitoring, the Department of Education is bringing transparency to its oversight of troubled institutions.

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