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Economic Snapshot: May 2015

article icon Issue Brief Policymakers need to build on successes of past progressive policies by implementing measures that raise wages and boost productivity growth.

Merging the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms into the Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI—bolstered by the agents, expertise, and resources of a subsumed ATF—should take over primary jurisdiction of federal firearms enforcement.


Progressive Groups Must Reflect the Ideals They Champion

Progressive organizations need diverse leaders and staffs from the communities that they support if they are to accomplish their ambitious goals. A more just management structure can help us get there.

The Criminal Justice System’s Disproportionate Impact on People of Color

People of color, particularly African Americans and Latinos, are unfairly targeted by the police and face harsher prison sentences than their white counterparts.

Madison protests

8 Facts You Should Know About the Criminal Justice System and People of Color

This collection of facts highlights the disparate impact that the criminal justice system has on people of color.

Simplifying the Federal Financial Aid Application Process

Policymakers should make allow students and families to determine their eligibility for federal student aid using old tax returns, as well as notify them of their eligibility at an younger age.

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Cutting Carbon Pollution While Promoting Economic Growth

article icon Issue Brief Recent experience shows that countries and localities can cut carbon pollution while building healthy economies.

Older entrepreneur

What Data on Older Households Tell Us About Wealth Inequality and Entrepreneurship Growth

book_alt2 icon Report Entrepreneurship has become especially pronounced among older households, while entrepreneurship among younger households has fallen, slowing overall entrepreneurship in the United States.


Bipartisan Support for Financial Aid Reform

Allowing students and families to use prior-prior year income data on the FAFSA could work as an intermediate step toward CAP’s proposed early guarantee of financial aid and would improve the application process for millions of students.

A western view of the skyline of the city of Detroit.

Urban Progress: Lessons from CAP’s Roundtable on Expanding Opportunity in America’s Urban Areas

A recent CAP roundtable discussion highlighted the need for investments in and further conversations about urban areas and low-income communities.

Passing the USA Freedom Act to Reform Government Surveillance

The USA Freedom Act is the Senate's only opportunity to meaningfully reform government surveillance practices.

Bringing Entrepreneurship Back to the Middle Class

Authors Adam Hersh and Jennifer Erickson discuss new data showing the steep decline in entrepreneurship in the United States and recommend solutions to bring it back.

Mitch McConnell

It’s the USA Freedom Act or Nothing

Sen. Mitch McConnell has a simple choice: reform government surveillance or see it expire.

An empty chair sits in front of a wall.

1 Million Missing Entrepreneurs

article icon Issue Brief New research identifies a fall in business-owner households, highlighting the need for policies that strengthen and grow the middle class and, with it, our pipeline of future entrepreneurs.


How Does Middle-Class Financial Health Affect Entrepreneurship in America?

book_alt2 icon Report Policies that focus on strengthening the financial health of the middle class will ultimately foster a vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurial economy in the United States.

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