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Central Park Apollo moon landing

New Horizons Leads the Robotic Exploration of Earth’s Celestial Neighbors

This month, NASA’s New Horizons probe will become the first spacecraft to reach Pluto, helping the United States retain its lead in the exploration of our solar system.

scientist in laboratory

How to Foster Long-Term Innovation Investment

article icon Issue Brief Ensuring that equity markets serve investors who take the long view of companies’ growth prospects is important for corporate bottom lines and economic growth.

woman in lab

Will the New Tech Economy Solve the Old Economy’s Racial Problems?

The new tech economy has not conquered racial bias. The racial and ethnic unemployment disparities in computer science are nearly the same as those in other fields.

Ryan budget

Ryan Budget Abandons Innovation Future

At a time when federal research and development, or R&D, investment is stagnating, significant new contributions must be made to secure our continued global leadership in R&D. Rep. Ryan’s budget does just the opposite, significantly reducing the federal government’s commitment to it.

Keyboard Weapons

U.S. Cybersecurity Policy in Context

In light a recent executive order and spate of cyber attacks, we take a look back at past cyber attacks and what our government has done to fortify both the public and private sectors against hackers foreign and domestic.


The High Return on Investment for Publicly Funded Research

article icon Issue Brief Throughout our nation’s history, investments in research have led to groundbreaking innovations, and we must continue making those investments to stay competitive in the 21st century.

Obama signs small business legislation

President Barack Obama: The Entrepreneur-In-Chief?

The president has quietly made ambitious reforms for small businesses across the country through legislation and executive action that range from common-sense to very bold.

Obama and Boehner talk deficits

What the Fiscal Showdown Means for Science

The coming austerity crisis could set us back years in science research. Here's an overview of where cuts will hurt the most.

Christiana Figueres

What to Expect in Doha: An Overview of the 2012 U.N. Climate Change Negotiations

A look at the climate change conference and what the results of U.S. elections may mean for the Obama administration’s positions during these negotiations.

Patents definition

It’s Time for the Patent System to ‘Man Up’

At an event at CAP, US Patent and Trademark Director David Kappos addressed the need for the patent system to adapt and respond to the increasingly important role of software in all aspects of technology.

Female researcher.

Closing the Pay Gap in STEM Fields Starts With Education

A new study finds that women entering many science, engineering, and technical careers are paid less on average than men, one year after graduation. But it doesn't have to be this way, argues Katie Valentine.

Fish vendor and customer with a 20 pound king alaskan salmon

Omega 3s vs. Mercury—Is Seafood Good for You?

Michael Conathan breaks down the health benefits and detriments of fish in your diet.

Fishing boats in New Bedford, Mass.

Counting Fish 101

article icon Issue Brief Strong, science-based stock assessments are the key to future sustainability, not just of fish but also of the fishing industry.

Supporting the Status Quo on Science Is No Longer Good Enough

If we want the U.S. economy to innovate and remain competitive in the 21st century, we can not afford to take for granted our elected leaders’ support for research, development, and the other drivers of innovation.

A 21st Century Approach to Manufacturing Innovation

A new manufacturing institute will bring stakeholders together for collaborative innovation, illustrating the differences between traditional industrial policy and 21st century innovation policy.

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