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Workers’ Boards: Frequently Asked Questions

Workers’ boards—also known as wage boards or industry committees—set minimum wage rates, benefits, and workplace standards for an entire occupation, sector, or industry. Boards can raise wages for both low- and middle-income workers, and they are particularly helpful in industries where traditional collective bargaining is difficult.



The Economics of Caregiving for Working Mothers

Working mothers are important drivers of three essential industries—elementary and secondary education, hospitals, and food services—yet cannot afford child care for their own children.



Trump’s Energy Policies Put Alaska in the Climate Crosshairs

The Trump administration’s attacks on Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Tongass National Forest could release almost 5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent—almost as much pollution as all of the world’s cars emit in a year.



Moving Backward

New estimates show that recent efforts to strike down the Affordable Care Act could leave millions of women and girls with preexisting conditions at risk of being charged more or denied coverage for individual insurance.


Early Learning in the United States: 2019

These fact sheets outline the current state of early learning and opportunities for improvement in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.



A Vast Liquidation of Public Lands Is Underway in Alaska

The Trump administration’s attempted sell-out of Alaskan forests, wildlife, and waters would be one of the largest liquidations of public lands in U.S. history—and is sure to tarnish the state’s future and worsen its budget problems.



How States Are Combating Trump’s ACA Sabotage

In the face of the Trump administration’s continual sabotage of the Affordable Care Act, several states have adopted innovative reforms to protect their residents’ health care.



The Companies With the Best Kept Secret in the Arctic Refuge

With the Trump administration intent on holding an oil and gas lease sale in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge this year, three corporations have gone to extreme lengths to keep secret their information about what lies beneath it.