Time to Act on Russia Sanctions

Nearly six months since the intelligence community concluded that Russia interfered in our democracy, nothing has been done. Now Congress has a chance to step up.



Center for American Progress U.S.-India Task Force

The Center for American Progress is convening a task force on U.S.-India relations, bringing together a dynamic set of experts from both nations to chart a shared bilateral agenda and to press that agenda in both Washington and New Delhi.



Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in Brazil

The number of Trump’s international business partners being investigated for corruption is breathtaking and makes clear that the president may be more concerned with his business liabilities in Brazil and other nations than with pressing foreign policy concerns.



Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in the United Kingdom

A Scottish golf course expansion demonstrates how flimsy Trump’s attempts to remove conflicts of interest have been at a time when the United States has major foreign policy concerns with the United Kingdom, including fighting terrorism and the U.K.’s exit from the European Union.



Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in Georgia

Georgia may be trying to give Trump properties special favors as the country deals with a lingering Russian-supported separatist movement.



Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in China

China has been busy buying Trump properties since the election and has granted Trump a long-sought series of trademarks in the country—just days after Trump reversed his position on Taiwan.



Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in Canada

A troubled Trump project in Toronto links to a large and unexplained infusion of funds from a Russian bank suspected of espionage and efforts to interfere with the U.S. presidential election.



Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in Mexico

Trump’s anger toward Mexico has been a defining theme of his campaign and presidency, and it may have more to do with a series of business deals gone bad than anything else.



Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in Cuba

Trump talked tough on Cuba, but evidence points to the Trump Organization breaking the Cuba embargo as it explored the possibility of opening a casino and resort on the island.



Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in Turkey

Trump’s national security adviser may have pushed to delay a key military offensive against the Islamic State because it would upset Turkey, without revealing that he was on Turkey’s payroll throughout the campaign.



Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in Israel

In the tricky strategic hotbed of the Middle East, Trump’s son-in-law and top White House adviser Jared Kushner is linked to multiple Israeli investors currently under criminal investigation.