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International Commitments to Afghanistan

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The next two years will be pivotal for Afghanistan’s future. The formation of the national unity government marks the first peaceful democratic transition of power in the post-Taliban era, and Afghan’s economy is shifting toward greater regional integration. U.S. and NATO troops have transitioned into a train, advise, and assist mission, putting Afghans in charge of their own security. At the same time, the international community’s commitments to Afghanistan are essential to maintaining Afghanistan’s progress toward a prosperous and secure future.

This interactive compares commitments made by the international community to Afghanistan in the security, political, and economic realms. It also plots upcoming conferences in the next two years that will be critical in the decision making about international support for Afghanistan’s future.

Katherine Blakeley is a Policy Analyst with the National Security and International Policy team at American Progress. Aarthi Gunasekaran is a Research Assistant with the National Security and International Policy team at the Center.