Video: A Russian Perspective on New START

An Interview with Col. Gen. Viktor Yesin

Last month, I traveled to Moscow and spoke with retired Col. Gen. Viktor Yesin to find out how Russia’s military establishment sees the New START nuclear arms control treaty. Gen. Yesin had a 40-year career working in the Soviet and then Russian Strategic Missile Forces, and in his last job before retiring he had responsibity for choosing which U.S. cities would be targeted in a nuclear attack.

The interview is broken into two parts below. In the first video Yesin talks about how he sees the new agreement as a demonstration of leadership by both presidents that moves us closer to a nuclear-free world.

(part 1: transcript, mp4, YouTube)
(part 2: transcript, mp4,YouTube)

The Obama administration has just sent the treaty to the Senate, which marks the beginning of the ratification process. In the second video Yesin gives his thoughts on criticisms of the treaty being heard in Washington as debate on ratification gears up.

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