Buying American: Congress Should Keep Contracts Fair

Carter and Korb debate whether Congress should safeguard U.S. manufacturing by ensuring military contracts go to domestic firms, or leave it up to the military. Earlier this week, they discussed the legality of evidence gleaned from torture, asked to what extent Congress should intervene in military affairs, and wondered whether Adm. William J. Fallon was right to disagree publicly with his civilian commander. On Friday, they’ll conclude their Dust-Up by discussing how the military should prepare itself for future war and conflict.

The proper role of Congress in evaluating weapons decisions by the Pentagon is to ensure that the taxpayer gets the most bang for the buck and that the men and women in the armed services receive the equipment they need to carry out their mission at the lowest possible price.

However, in trying to fulfill this role, members of Congress often come under pressure from their constituents to put the interests of their districts ahead of those of the armed services and the American public.

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