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Religion and Values

U.S. Supreme Court

A Win for Zubik Would Undermine the Religious Liberty of Employees

Allowing religiously affiliated nonprofits to opt out of the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate would endanger the religious liberty of students, employees, and their dependents.

Zubik v. Burwell: Pushing Reproductive Health Care Access to the Precipice

cursor icon Interactive A win in the U.S. Supreme Court for religiously affiliated nonprofits would decrease women’s access to critical reproductive health care services.

Faith Voices for Reproductive Justice: Standing With Women and Families

play_alt icon Video In light of the upcoming ruling in Zubik v. Burwell, the progressive faith leaders and faith-based advocates featured in this video affirm women's right to comprehensive health care.

Indiana RFRA opponents

The Economic Cost of Overly Broad RFRAs

Anti-LGBT religious exemption laws pose a serious risk to state economies.

Obama at mosque

President Obama Is Right to Visit Baltimore Mosque

Anti-Muslim bigotry runs counter to American values and threatens national security.

Infographic: Reclaiming Roe for All

Decades of state abortion restrictions have prevented many women—especially marginalized populations—from fully accessing the right to abortion granted to them in Roe v. Wade.

Capitol dome

True Pro-Women Policies Foster a Woman’s Right to Reproductive Health Care Access

Conservative doublespeak is not in women’s best interest and can have devastating consequences for their health and lives.

A reverend embraces a church member who is grieving.

16 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2016

People of faith are leading the nation’s social justice landscape and working to deliver on long-held values of freedom, equality, and dignity for all.

Mass at Washington National Cathedral

Transgender Welcome

book_alt2 icon Report This resource makes the case for the full inclusion of transgender people in both Jewish and Christian communities of faith and in society, based on Scripture and theology.

Building Transgender-Inclusive Faith Communities

play_alt icon Video The Center for American Progress asked transgender and allied faith leaders how communities of faith can lead the way for greater acceptance of transgender people. Here is what they said.

Fired for Being Who I Am: The Fight for LGBT Equality Continues

play_alt icon Video Despite historic progress on LGBT rights, many LGBT people and their families still face serious and life-altering discrimination in their daily lives.

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