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Religion and Values

A reverend embraces a church member who is grieving.

16 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2016

People of faith are leading the nation’s social justice landscape and working to deliver on long-held values of freedom, equality, and dignity for all.

Mass at Washington National Cathedral

Transgender Welcome

book_alt2 icon Report This resource makes the case for the full inclusion of transgender people in both Jewish and Christian communities of faith and in society, based on Scripture and theology.

Building Transgender-Inclusive Faith Communities

play_alt icon Video The Center for American Progress asked transgender and allied faith leaders how communities of faith can lead the way for greater acceptance of transgender people. Here is what they said.

Pope Francis at United Nations

Climate Talks Must Heed the Call of Pope Francis and the Multifaith Movement

At the Paris climate talks, global leaders must heed the urgent call of multifaith activists, led by Pope Francis, for immediate action to protect all people and the planet.

Muslim woman peace flag

Anti-Muslim Sentiment Is a Serious Threat to American Security

book_alt2 icon Report ISIS is following a clear and determined strategy to provoke an anti-Muslim backlash and ignite a clash of civilizations.

Kurdish peshmerga in Kobani

After the Paris Attacks

article icon Issue Brief To turn the tide against ISIS, America needs to step up its military and diplomatic campaign and reject voices calling for the country to turn against refugees and Muslims.

Muslim volunteers at soup kitchen

Standing Up Against Islamophobia

Islamophobia is morally wrong and harmful to America’s security.

Supreme Court

Restoring the Balance

book_alt2 icon Report One year after Hobby Lobby, state legislators, organizations, and for-profit corporations are using religious liberty to infringe on the rights of women, religious minorities, and LGBT people.

Pope Francis

Voting with Values That Work for All

Conservatives who profess faith, family, and values should follow Pope Francis’ lead and support principles that actually reflect the nation’s shared values.

Ahmed Mohamed

The ‘Clock Kid’ Incident Is a Small Part of a Bigger Problem

The recent experience of Muslim American high school student Ahmed Mohamed sheds light on the much bigger issue of Islamophobia in the United States today.

Istanbul Student

Re-Educating Turkey

book_alt2 icon Report Following its dominant electoral victory on November 1, the AKP government is likely to continue it efforts to enhance the reach of religious education in Turkey. This process could have a profound long-term impact on Turkish identity and stability.

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