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Video: Muslim Americans and the Quest for a More Perfect Union

(transcript, mp4, YouTube)

Telling the story of Muslims in America is more important than ever. Muslims have been part of this country since before we were a nation, have fought in all our wars, and made essential contributions to our national well-being. One of the strongest rebuttals to anti-Muslim hate speech and crimes—which are currently on the rise—is to raise public awareness of the real story of American Muslims.

“Muslim Americans and the Quest for a More Perfect Union” tells that story. The video captures the history and diversity of Muslim-American communities, highlights their participation in civic life, and looks toward a future where celebrating the worth and religious liberty of every American is made real in everyday life.

The video is part of the Young Muslim American Voices project of the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative at the Center for American Progress. It was produced by Jamiah Adams.

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