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Regulation and Markets


The Case Against Mandatory Consumer Arbitration Clauses

article icon Issue Brief Federal agencies are looking to limit rip-off clauses in fine print that deny access to justice.

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Reviving Antitrust

book_alt2 icon Report Rising income inequality, stagnant middle-class incomes, and growing evidence of increasing market power in parts of the U.S. economy all point toward the need for a renewed focus on antitrust enforcement.

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Congress Must Pass PROMESA to Prevent Crisis in Puerto Rico

Protecting the health and livelihoods of Puerto Ricans requires immediate action.

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Workers or Waste?

book_alt2 icon Report Better disclosure of human capital investments would be a win for investors, managers, and workers.

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Financial Rollbacks Would Leave Coal in Consumers’ Stockings

Congress should not use a budget deal to roll back financial reforms that protect consumers and the broader economy.

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Long-Termism or Lemons

book_alt2 icon Report Corporate America’s growing focus on short-term profits instead of long-term value hurts shareholders and the middle class alike. Here is an agenda to nudge markets to focus on the long term.

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Executive Action to Strengthen Background Checks by Addressing High-Volume Gun Sellers

article icon Issue Brief The current regulation defining who is required to obtain a federal firearms license should be revised to ensure that high-volume gun sellers are required to conduct background checks for all sales.

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How to Foster Long-Term Innovation Investment

article icon Issue Brief Ensuring that equity markets serve investors who take the long view of companies’ growth prospects is important for corporate bottom lines and economic growth.

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A Carbon Tax and the Clean Power Plan Would Work Together to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Clean Power Plan and a carbon tax are complementary—not mutually exclusive.


The Need to Protect Private Enforcement Mechanisms

A recent Delaware Supreme Court decision threatens to undermine shareholders’ abilities to bring private litigation against corrupt companies.

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The Concept and Potential of Adaptation Markets

article icon Issue Brief The idea of adaptation markets is relatively new and unfamiliar, but they could be valuable tools to build resilience to the effects of climate change.

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Pfizer’s Tax-Dodging Bid for AstraZeneca Shows Need to Tighten U.S. Tax Rules

Pfizer’s attempt to move its headquarters out of the United States by acquiring the U.K.-based AstraZeneca corporation highlights why the United States must prevent these kinds of corporate inversions—and why corporate tax reform must not become a race to the bottom.


Regulatory Burdens: The Impact of Dodd-Frank on Community Banking

CAP Senior Fellow Brad Miller testifies before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

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Protecting Consumers and Preserving Lending Programs

The Center for American Progress Housing team submits comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on the qualified mortgage rule’s concurrent proposal.

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Examining the Increase in Prepaid Cards as Alternatives to Bank Accounts

The Center for American Progress responds to the 2011 National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households.

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