BONUS EPISODE: Sharing the Mic on Gun Violence Prevention

This week, Michele and Igor sit down with student activist Ryan Deitsh and BeMore Group Executive Director Dejuan Patterson to discuss efforts they are both taking to prevent gun violence in America.



Locking Up Our Own

Michele and Igor sit down with James Forman Jr., a public defender and author, and discuss the touch-on-crime policies that resulted in disproportionate numbers of black men in prison.



Mass Incarceration, Stress, and Black Infant Mortality

The system of mass incarceration is perhaps the clearest manifestation of structural racism in the United States—with particularly damaging effects for black women and infants.



Maria Teresa Kumar on Efforts to Dehumanize the Latinx Community

Michele and Igor speak with Maria Teresa Kumar, president and CEO of Voto Latino, about the harmful effects of the Trump administration's actions on the Latinx community, as well as the importance of communities of color voting in 2018.



Blueprint for the 21st Century

CAP’s Jobs Blueprint addresses the wage stagnation and employment challenges facing working class Americans and communities left behind by investing in millions of new jobs nationwide to meet some of our nation’s most pressing economic and social needs and creating a job guarantee in the hardest-hit areas.



Bold Ideas for State Action

Americans are ready for states—the laboratories of democracy—to offer a new progressive vision for shared prosperity. This report presents a menu of state policy priorities to help people secure good jobs and good wages and to support strong and healthy communities in which all people are treated fairly and equitably.



The Environment That Racism Built

Racism in the United States is killing black mothers and babies—here’s why where they live, learn, work, and play matters.