A Better America: Equity for All

Center for American Progress Leadership Institute Capstone Podcast

    Our nation pursues the principle that the color of our skin and the zip code of our home will not determine the benefits or burdens that we bear in our society. Because Americans profess that all people are created equally, we see inequality based on race as inexcusable. However, the nation can’t solve the problem of poverty—or, indeed, live up to our country’s promise —unless we honestly examine and confront the complex and continuing parallel between poverty and race.

    The Center for American Progress Leadership Institute, or CAP-LI, has launched a podcast series to provide a place for progressive professionals of color to analyze policy issues affecting vulnerable communities across America. The nine-month seminar series provides an incomparable look at policy issues that will impact future outcomes for all Americans, with an intentional focus on income inequality and the increasing number of communities living in poverty.

    CAP-LI members firmly believe a better America is possible by taking a careful look at the policies and systems that continue to fuel the growing inequality in our communities. Integrating equitable policy solutions requires progressive leaders to acknowledge and include the perspectives, voices, and faces of people and communities impacted by current policy challenges.