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Representation Matters: In Conversation With the Cast of Netflix’s ‘One Day at a Time’

It’s a golden age of television, the common refrain goes. But for some traditionally marginalized communities, there is nothing golden about not seeing yourself reflected in the shows you watch and stories you see. “One Day at a Time,” a Netflix reimagining of the hit 1970s show of the same name, is seeking to shift that narrative. Ed and Daniella sat down this week with Gloria Calderón Kellett, Justina Machado, and Isabella Gomez—the showrunner and stars, respectively—at the Eaton Hotel in Washington, D.C., to get their sense of what representation means to them and how their show fits into a broader push for including more diverse voices in Hollywood. In speaking with the three women, it is striking to hear how the communities they portray on screen—Latinx, LGBT, veterans, and more—have affected them, not just the other way around.

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Daniella Gibbs Legér is the executive vice president for Communications and Strategy at the Center for American Progress. Ed Chung is the vice president for Criminal Justice Reform at the Center. Rachel Rosen is the senior director of Broadcast Communications at the Center. Kyle Epstein is the media relations manager at the Center. Chris Ford is the broadcast coordinator at the Center.