Blackness Is Its Own Thing

As we commemorate the beginning of Black History Month, Michele and Igor speak with two of today’s prolific leaders who are making moves to change the world we live in. First, Melissa Harris-Perry joins the studio and shares why she’s sick of hearing about President Donald Trump’s tweets in the A block of cable news shows; why his strategy to win white voters in 2016 worked; and why she believes we aren’t hearing from more black women in the midst of the #MeToo movement. Then, we hear from activist, organizer, and host of Crooked Media’s “Pod Save the People” DeRay Mckesson on why he didn’t watch the Super Bowl; why America’s inability to let Colin Kaepernick be great at football and interested in social justice is a clear sign of racism; and what lessons he learned from his activism in Ferguson, Missouri, and his time on Twitter.

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Michele Jawando is a vice president at the Center for American Progress. Igor Volsky is a vice president at the Center. Sally Tucker is the radio coordinator for Communications at the Center. Rachel Rosen is the senior director of Broadcast Communications at the Center.