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Infographic: Women of Color at a Glance

A Look at How They're Doing in Four Key Areas

Women of color are a key growing demographic in the United States, representing approximately 36 percent of the female population and about 18 percent of the U.S. population based on Census data. The infographic below examines the state of women of color in four key areas: the workplace wage gap, health, educational attainment, and political leadership.

Women of color have made incredible strides in educational attainment and in the workplace, but their earnings and net wealth still pale in comparison to white women. They also lag behind in political leadership positions and still face unique health disparities. Their voices are critical to shaping the policies that affect their lives.

The graphic also reveals that women of color are a diverse group with a variety of experiences, even though they are often portrayed as monolithic in the mainstream media.

The state of women of color in the United States

Sophia Kerby is the Special Assistant for Progress 2050 at the Center for American Progress.

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