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Public Opinion

Rush Limbaugh

When Words Are Used as Weapons

While the importance of free speech cannot be understated, the amount of negativity we observe and consume on a daily basis threatens to undermine the quality of civic life.

Fear, Inc. 2.0

book_alt2 icon Report An examination of the Islamophobia network’s efforts to spread misinformation and propaganda about Islam and American Muslims in the United States.


Building an All-In Nation

book_alt2 icon Report Americans are open minded about our society’s changing demographics and believe, on the whole, that there are more benefits to the nation from rising diversity than costs.

Acknowledging Our Mistakes in Iraq Would Prevent Us from Repeating Them

We need to realize the errors of our ways from the Iraq invasion instead of brushing the topic under a rug, or else we may just find ourselves in the very same position a few years down the road.

Students join interfaith candlelight prayer vigil to end gun violence

What the Public Really Thinks About Guns

article icon Issue Brief There is clear consensus around a variety of common-sense gun laws, as well as consensus around what limits are unacceptable. Congress is fighting over questions that are simply not controversial.

Immigrant rights march

Sharing Love and Ideas on Valentine’s Day

Polls show that Americans as a whole agree more than disagree on controversial issues—and on this day of love, let’s embrace this emerging trend.

Public’s Dos and Don’ts on Handling the Fiscal Showdown

The public has clear opinions on its priorities for the fiscal showdown and sequestration.

Public Supports Increased Spending in Key Areas

Conservatives may be allergic to spending on the unemployed and our social needs but the public clearly is not.

2 Things the Public Wants Policymakers to Remember

Americans think it’s time to raise taxes on the rich, and they don’t want to raise the Medicare eligibility age.

Public Turns Against Repeal of Obamacare

Americans want the Affordable Care Act to continue as law.

What Do the Voters Want?

A recent post-election poll shows what American voters believe about our nation’s policy priorities and our road forward.

Public Rejects ‘You’re on Your Own’ Economics

Most Americans think government help for the poor is a good thing.

Public Supports Raising Taxes on the Rich, Opposes Repealing Obamacare

Most Americans don’t support conservatives’ sacred causes of not raising taxes on the rich and doing away with the Affordable Care Act.

Public Wants to Give Legalization a Chance

Conservatives may be fixated on deporting unauthorized immigrants but the public clearly isn’t.

The Public Blames Bush and Favoring the Wealthy for Our Economic Problems

Americans don’t think that President Obama and overregulation of the free market are to blame for our economic troubles.

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