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Democracy and Government

A Blending American Youth

cursor icon Interactive Decades of immigration have altered the racial and ethnic makeup of the United States, and it is today’s children who will be the vanguards of this new, diverse America.

Rev. William Barber at a press conference

A Voting Rights Story

article icon Issue Brief Over his nearly 50 years in the North Carolina state legislator, Rep. Mickey Michaux helped increase voting rights and participation. However, recent efforts in the state are putting these advances at risk.

Powering Progress: 2016 Progressive Party

play_alt icon Video This week, American Progress hosted its annual Progressive Party, featuring Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who discussed the enduring and unifying values of the progressive movement and the need for new policies that lift up all Americans.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signs a bill

Oregon’s Success Shows Way Forward for Automatic Voter Registration

article icon Issue Brief Research explains why Oregon’s automatic voter registration program can successfully register the greatest number of eligible voters.

Clinton, Blair, Thorning-Schmidt at Global Progress event

Global Progress: New Ideas for the Future of the Global Progressive Movement

book_alt2 icon Report A new generation of progressive leadership is emerging in Europe and North America that is rising to the challenge of inclusive prosperity, climate change, and need for institutional reform.

Moving Forward Together

article icon Issue Brief Wherever people are practicing inclusive politics, inclusive economics, and inclusive social policies, good things are happening.

The Promise of Progress

article icon Issue Brief An agenda for shared prosperity, diversity, and innovation can help progressives deliver on the promise of progress.

Global Challenges, Progressive Solutions

article icon Issue Brief The global progressive movement has been behind almost every social advance of the past decade. In the 21st century, it is needed more than ever.

The Lonely Life of a Progressive

article icon Issue Brief The challenges facing today's progressives are larger than ever, but it is still a great time to be a social democrat.

Third Way, Again

article icon Issue Brief The Third Way agenda of the late 1990s showed that economic growth and social justice could be mutually reinforcing.

Writing the Future of Germany: Progressive Politics in Turbulent Times

article icon Issue Brief Investing in the economy of the future and securing the integrity of government are essential to ensuring the vitality and growth of the middle class.

Values and Facts Are on Our Side!

article icon Issue Brief Facts and values are on the side of progressives. A modern social democratic agenda is now the only one able to deliver an inclusive society.

Toward a New Progressive Politics

article icon Issue Brief The rise of populism and growing cynicism toward political elites are making it harder than ever to develop a progressive agenda.

Progressive Governance in Perspective

article icon Issue Brief The global financial crisis necessitates a rethink of the progressive agenda just as the fall of the Berlin Wall did a decade earlier.

Decent Jobs and New Patriotism

article icon Issue Brief It is time for progressives to raise their ambitions and build an inclusive economy that delivers for all our citizens.

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