The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-February 2019 Jobs Day Release

Policymakers and economists must consider the challenges of disabled workers and other populations who face high labor market barriers when evaluating the health of the labor market and implementing policies that affect it.



5 Ways the Trump Shutdown Is Harming Struggling Workers, Families, and Communities

President Donald Trump’s shutdown is more than a debate around a wall: It is about the low-income, disabled, and indigenous peoples at and within our borders whose lives and economic security he is willfully endangering for political gain.



Early Childhood Agenda for Governors in 2019

With 36 new or re-elected governors taking office in 2019, there is an opportunity to make progress on early childhood education issues to improve the lives of millions of children and families across the United States.



Public Policies Promoting Healthy Eating and Exercise

Implementing public policies to reduce obesity may help prevent chronic disease and increase life expectancy, particularly for low-income individuals.