The Latest HUD Proposal Would Exacerbate the Housing Insecurity Crisis

By tripling the minimum rent and imposing counterproductive so-called work requirements, the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s proposed legislation would increase economic hardship for households already most at risk of eviction and homelessness.



Blueprint for the 21st Century

CAP’s Jobs Blueprint addresses the wage stagnation and employment challenges facing working class Americans and communities left behind by investing in millions of new jobs nationwide to meet some of our nation’s most pressing economic and social needs and creating a job guarantee in the hardest-hit areas.


News You Can Use: Research Roundup for Re-Entry Advocates

This fact sheet summarizes key research findings on the far-reaching consequences that even a minor criminal record can have on individuals, families, communities, and the economy, as well as research on policies designed to mitigate these consequences.



Progressive Policy Wins in the Omnibus

Congress’ spending deal makes a number of important policy advances—although it shamefully leaves Dreamers behind.



The Highly Negative Impacts of Vouchers

The negative impact of vouchers on student achievement is equivalent to missing out on more than one-third of a year of classroom learning.