Turning the Page on Climate, With Robinson Meyer and Christy Goldfuss

This week, Daniella and Ed speak with Robinson Meyer, a climate reporter for The Atlantic, and Christy Goldfuss, senior vice president for Energy and Environment Policy at CAP, about renewed energy on climate change.



Exposing Secretary Bernhardt’s Sabotage of Big Game Wildlife Corridors

David Bernhardt is the least popular nominee the Senate has ever confirmed to be secretary of the interior, and under his watch, the Bureau of Land Management has offered one-quarter of oil and gas lease sales in wildlife corridors and priority areas.


Tax Day 2019: How To Unrig the Tax Code

Growing inequality in the United States—exacerbated under the Trump administration's tax cuts for the wealthy—can be reduced through tax reforms that aim to close the wealth gap.



Introducing Clean Slate

The Center for American Progress and partners gathered to discuss bipartisan clean slate legislation—policies to automatically clear certain criminal records and give people relief from discrimination.


Igor Volsky: Building a Future With Fewer Guns

Former Thinking CAP co-host Igor Volsky joins the pod to discuss his debut book and his vision to reduce guns and gun violence in the United States.



Faith Leaders Rally in Support of the Equality Act

Faith leaders across the United States are showing support for the Equality Act, a bill that would grant members of the LGBTQ community consistent protections.



5 Ways Wheeler Is Dirtying Our Water

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler claims that the top environmental issue is accessing clean water—yet his actions tell a completely different story.