President Trump’s Policies Are Hurting American Workers

Authors Karla Walter, David Madland, Alex Rowell, Zoe Willingham, and Malkie Wall describe how President Trump is rolling back the protections that ensure that Americans can be safe on the job, receive fair pay and benefits, save for retirement, access high-quality training programs, have a voice in their workplace, and not be discriminated against at work.


People Need Paid Leave Policies That Cover Chosen Family

Nearly one-third of people in the United States have taken leave to support a chosen family member’s health needs—but public policy largely fails to support them.



What Ending DACA Means for LGBTQ Dreamers

DACA has allowed thousands of LGBT immigrants improve their economic security and pursue higher education. They could lose protection under President Trump’s elimination of the program and risk being deported to countries where their lives are at risk.



Advancing LGBTQ Equality Through Local Executive Action

With unique knowledge of the needs of their constituents, city and county executives have the power to enact policies and programs that protect LGBTQ communities, increase community engagement, and open doors of opportunity.



A Crisis Moment for the LGBT Community

Michele and Igor discuss President Trump's announcement to bar transgender people from serving—in any capacity—in the nation's armed forces.