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How Executive Action Can Build a More Fair, Humane, and Workable Immigration System

The Biden administration can jump-start a series of necessary reforms by issuing a clear and expansive executive order in its first days that condemns the damage caused to the immigration system by the past administration, pauses deportations, and outlines principles to guide policy development over the next four years.


A New Paradigm for Humane and Effective Immigration Enforcement

This report proposes a new model for how the United States can enforce its immigration laws that would be not only more humane and dramatically less expensive but also more effective than the mass detention and deportation strategies of recent decades.


Rebuilding the U.S. Refugee Program for the 21st Century

The United States must learn from past experiences—from the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks through the Trump administration—to rebuild a resilient refugee resettlement program.


Nepali TPS Holders Make Significant Contributions to America

A new survey illustrates the importance of TPS in the lives of Nepali immigrants—and the role TPS plays in enabling them to contribute to the country’s economy and society.


New DHS Policy Threatens To Undo Gains Made by DACA Recipients

DACA continues to be a major success, but the Trump administration’s newest attempt to restrict the initiative threatens this progress.


Immigrants as Essential Workers During COVID-19

Tom Jawetz, vice president for Immigration Policy at the Center for American Progress, testified before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship on September 23, 2020.


5 Immediate Steps To Rein in DHS in the Wake of Portland

The recent actions by U.S. Department of Homeland Security personnel on the streets of Portland, Oregon, and across the country raise significant concerns about a department out of control.