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How Oakland, California, Radically Reduced Violence

This week, Ed spoke with Capt. Ersie Joyner of the Oakland Police Department about the city's successful and comprehensive Ceasefire program to address gun violence and crime in the community.


Guns, Lies, and Fear

The National Rifle Association uses messaging strategies employed by dictators and demagogues to advance its gun rights narrative within the United States.


Igor Volsky: Building a Future With Fewer Guns

Former Thinking CAP co-host Igor Volsky joins the pod to discuss his debut book and his vision to reduce guns and gun violence in the United States.


Weak Gun Laws and Public Safety Concerns in the State of Missouri

Given the increasing levels of gun violence in the state, elected leaders in Missouri should reject dangerous gun laws and push for policies that reduce gun violence and protect the safety of every Missourian.


The Risks of Unsecured Guns in Oregon

Unsecured firearms are linked to violent crime, unintentional harm to children, and youth suicide.


BONUS EPISODE: Sharing the Mic on Gun Violence Prevention

This week, Michele and Igor sit down with student activist Ryan Deitsh and BeMore Group Executive Director Dejuan Patterson to discuss efforts they are both taking to prevent gun violence in America.


Bold Ideas for State Action

Americans are ready for states—the laboratories of democracy—to offer a new progressive vision for shared prosperity. This report presents a menu of state policy priorities to help people secure good jobs and good wages and to support strong and healthy communities in which all people are treated fairly and equitably.


America’s Youth Under Fire

Young people in the United States bear the brunt of the nation’s gun violence and are leading efforts to stop it.