These South Florida 4th-Graders Have a Message for Their Elected Officials About Climate Change

Low-income communities have fewer resources to prepare for the worst impacts of climate change—bigger storms, stronger heat waves, and sea level rise. In places like Homestead, Florida, 30 miles south of Miami, climate change threatens homes, businesses, infrastructure, and public health. The next generation of Americans knows what’s at stake. As a call to action on climate change, Ms. Mendoza’s fourth-grade class at Gateway Environmental K-8 Learning Center wrote letters to their elected officials asking them to support solutions that will protect their community and future.

Miranda Peterson is a Research Associate for the Energy and Environment Policy team at the Center for American Progress. Cathleen Kelly is a Senior Fellow with the Energy and Environment team at the Center. Andrew Satter is the Director of Video at the Center. Aki Suzuki is a Video Editor at the Center.