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Cities that Are Building Resilience to Climate Change

This map highlights 50 cities that have already taken steps to increase their resilience to extreme weather and other climate change impacts. These actions include building sea walls and levees, restoring wetlands and dunes, factoring climate change risks into infrastructure, building designs, and public health planning. The map includes cities that are implementing actions in their adaptation plan, developing a plan, or taking initial steps to build resilience without a plan in place yet. The cities included on the map is not an exhaustive list of metro areas taking resilience action, as many other cities are adapting to more extreme heat, floods, and drought even if they are not publicly attributing these growing risks to climate change.


Mark Dennin was an intern at Center for American Progress. Cathleen Kelly is a Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress. Arpita Bhattacharyya is Research Associate to Distinguished Senior Fellow Carol Browner.