It’s Easy Being Green: Green Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Today’s the first day of December, which means the holiday season is upon us. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone but many of us still have more gifts to get for the holidays.

Here are seven gift ideas that are sure to make your family and friends happy while still helping out the environment:

1. Organic Bikes biodegradable water bottle. Drinking water is key to staying healthy but most water bottles are made of plastic, which isn’t good for the environment. This water bottle from Organic Bikes is completely biodegradable and, as a result, more environmentally friendly.

2. Azuri organic cotton scarf. A scarf is a wonderful way to keep warm, and it can serve as a great fashion accessory. This scarf from Azuri comes in 110 different colors, and it’s also made out of organic cotton. You can look good, stay warm, and help the environment all at the same time.

3. Sony Ericsson Elm mobile phone. Everybody has a cell phone these days but how many people have one made from recycled materials? Sony’s Elm phone is made from recycled plastic, and it’s constructed without toxic chemicals. The phone’s manual also is stored inside the phone, which saves paper by eliminating the need for printing.

4. Epson Perfection V500 photo scanner. Having a scanner instead of a copier helps the environment because it cuts down on the need for paper. This Epson scanner not only does that but it’s also Energy Star qualified, so it meets strict energy efficiency standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

5. Volt-Star EcoCharger. A great way to save energy is to unplug your electronics after they’ve fully charged. Many of us forget to do this, but the EcoCharger remembers for you. It consumes no idle current once the device it’s connected to is fully charged. And like the Epson Perfection V500 it’s also Energy Star qualified.

6. Voltaic Amp solar charger. Speaking of chargers, how great would it be to have a standalone solar charger for your electronics? Well, the Voltaic Amp does just that. According to the product’s website, using the charger for “4-5 hours in the sun will fully charge a typical phone, 1 hour will provide about 3 hours of talk time.” But it works with more than just phones. The charger is also compatible with digital cameras, handheld game systems, and many other electronic devices.

7. Apple iPad. The iPad is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after gifts this season but it’s also great for people who want to be green. The iPad itself is PVC-free, and it has arsenic-free glass, a mercury-free LED display, and an outer case of recyclable aluminum and glass. What’s more, there are a bunch of great “green apps” for the iPad that make it easier for you to live in an eco-friendly way.

Read more articles from the “It’s Easy Being Green” series