It’s Easy Being Green: Seven Steps to a Greener Dorm Room

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The fall semester is in full swing at colleges and universities across the country. But in the midst of classes and everything else that goes on in college, it’s important for students to remember how important it is to be green.

Going green in college is easy, and it starts in the dorm room. Here are seven steps to make a dorm more environmentally friendly:

Shop at the thrift store. When shopping for your dorm room, there’s nothing wrong with buying used items. Not only does it save money, which is extremely important in college, it also helps the environment by cutting down on resources used in making new items.

Use a power strip. Plug the electronics in your room into a power strip. That way, when you leave the room you can turn everything off with just one switch, making it easier to conserve energy.

Buy a plant. Many students invest in air filters and air fresheners in order to make their rooms more comfortable, although both products use unnecessary energy. Getting a plant for the room is a much greener alternative as it will naturally purify the air in the room.

Limit disposable cups and plates. College students love to eat, but with the hectic schedules of college, students often have to eat as quickly as possible. Disposable cups and plates make it easy to eat fast but they add up over time, resulting in much unnecessary physical and financial waste.

Use green toiletries. Many people forget that toiletries can be green, too. Almost all toiletries—soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.—have natural alternatives that are healthier for both you and the environment, so shop for greener toiletries next time you go to the store.

Sleep green. Organic bedding is a very simple way to go green. Bedding with organic cotton can be found pretty much anywhere these days and it’s just as comfortable as bedding with regular cotton, without the nasty pesticides.

Recycle. We hear this all the time, but there are still plenty of people who are quick to throw recyclables into the trash can. When setting up your dorm room, make sure to get a recycle bin to go with your trash can. Many colleges and universities offer easy ways and incentives to recycle on campus, so students should definitely take advantage whenever possible.

There are many more ways to go green in college but following these seven steps is a great way for students to get started.

Read more articles from the "It’s Easy Being Green" series