Beyond A Moment Of Silence

On the two-year anniversary of the South Carolina Methodist church shooting, LaShawn Warren argues for commonsense gun reform.

Dereliction of Duty in Afghanistan

Authors Mike Fuchs and Hardin Lang discuss the possible repercussions of President Donald Trump relinquishing his responsibility to make decisions concerning sending troops to Afghanistan to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

Gun violence is as American as baseball

Author Chelsea Parsons discusses the facts surrounding the gun violence epidemic in the United States and urges members of Congress to take action.

Trump’s One-Note Draft Budget Puts Lebanon at Risk

Authors Hardin Lang and Vikram Singh encourage the United States to continue assisting Lebanese institutions that confront Hezbollah, despite the Trump administration's proposed budget cuts.

The economic news we aren’t talking about

Michael Madowitz argues that the Federal Reserve should wait to see what macroeconomic trends develop under the new administration before deciding on an inflation target.

How should America pay for its infrastructure needs?

Author Kevin DeGood emphasizes the importance of the federal government funding state and local infrastructure projects, which would in turn encourage local elected officials to raise more tax revenue for those projects.