The Enduring American Presence in the Middle East

Daniel Benaim and Michael Wahid Hanna write about how the United States has focused—and should be focusing—its efforts in the Middle East.

America Doesn’t Need a Grand Strategy

Author Michael Fuchs warns the United States against adopting grand foreign policy strategies but failing to identify and address specific international priorities

Why Trump Won’t Bomb Iran

Author Lawrence J. Korb argues that President Donald Trump should look to his presidential predecessors for lessons on how to avoid conflict with Iran.

Presidential Abuse of Power Should Be Focus of Mueller Questioning

As Congress prepares to question special counsel Robert Mueller on the findings of his investigation, author Kate Martin urges lawmakers to examine whether President Trump violated his oath of office and abused his presidential powers to protect his own personal interests.

A path toward renewing arms control

Lawrence J. Korb discusses the need to renew arms agreements in order to keep the world at peace.

Europe Is Back

With Russia and China seeking greater power on the world stage, Max Bergmann argues that the United States needs to reassess its strategic relationship with the European Union and bolster the union's cohesion.

The right to a perfect job match

Livia Lam discusses why the United States should establish a dedicated trust fund to build and sustain resources for workforce and employment equity.