Foreign Aid is Critical to Stopping the Coronavirus

Michael Fuchs, Alexandra Schmitt, and Haneul Lee explain why the United States must provide foreign aid to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

New York Assemblyman Michael Blake on the Coronavirus in the Bronx

This week on "The Tent," a podcast through the Center for American Progress Action Fund, New York State Assemblyman Michael Blake explains the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis on the Bronx.

Human rights lessons of the pandemic

Elisa Massimino and Alexandra Schmitt explain how human rights violations have hindered the global response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Transitional Workforce Strategies Are Needed Now

Authors Melissa Young, Chris Warland, and Livia Lam argue that transitional workforce strategies—such as expanded paid leave, food and housing assistance, enhanced unemployment insurance, and cash payments—are necessary in light of the economic devastation from the coronavirus.

A Sanctions Relief Solution for Russia

Author James Lamond argues that despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the United States should not repeal its sanctions against Russia until the country takes concrete steps to address the actions that led to sanctions in the first place.

The new European revolt against Angela Merkel

Although German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been praised both at home and abroad for her approach to the coronavirus crisis, Max Bergmann notes that many within the European Union see her—and the devastating austerity politics she represents—differently.