Our elections are still vulnerable to Russian interference

Max Bergmann and Max Boot discuss the persisting threat of Russian interference on U.S. elections—and why President Trump is failing to adequately protect the United States against this national security threat.

Opposition to H.R. 1 Speaks Volumes

Author Hauwa Ahmed explains how many conservative opponents of H.R. 1—a bill that puts forward common-sense reforms to make government fairer and more inclusive—have personally benefited from the corruption the bill aims to address.

Teacher Strikes, Charter Schools and Unions

Neil Campbell explains why it is unfortunate that teacher protests against disinvestment in public education, low pay, and poor working conditions are becoming linked with issues such as charter school policing.

The Future of Women in Afghanistan

Lawrence J. Korb explains how the proposed ceasefire between the Taliban and the United States—and the potential withdrawal of U.S. troops—could threaten the future of women in Afghanistan.

Regulators need to be stress-tested, too

Gregg Gelzinis emphasizes the need to stress test regulators in order to ensure the stability of the U.S. financial system.