America Loses a UN Ambassador—And Is Better Off for It

With the sudden resignation of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, author Carolyn Kenney discusses the need for a successor who does more than merely pay lip service to human rights issues.

Antitrust Policy Has Missed the Forest for the Trees

Zoe Willingham and Andy Green argue that U.S. antitrust and competition law must acknowledge the issue of monopoly and monopsony power in order to build an economy that works for all Americans.

Interactive: Tracking Trump’s Sabotage of the ACA

To help people understand who is undermining the individual insurance market and how they are doing it, the Center for American Progress Action Fund is tracking Affordable Care Act sabotage efforts and their effects.

Turkey: Post-Election Human Rights and Strategies for Accountability

American Progress Senior Fellow Alan Makovsky briefs the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on the recent constitutional amendments passed in Turkey that changed the nation from a parliamentary system to a highly centralized presidential system.

Trump’s UN Speech Hurts America and the International System

Abigail Bard analyzes how President Donald Trump's appeals to national sovereignty serve the purpose of condoning authoritarian regimes and relinquishing the United States' commitments to the international system.