Will Trump Starve SNAP Households to Get His Wall?

As the government shutdown continues, author Rebecca Vallas examines the far-reaching potential consequences of federal cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Trump fails the first test of the First Step Act

Author Ed Chung explains why William Barr's nomination for U.S. attorney general is bad news for federal criminal justice reform efforts—particularly the recently ratified FIRST STEP Act.

How About Some Candor in Middle East Policy?

Brian Katulis and Daniel Benaim outline three ways that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo can use his address in Cairo, Egypt, to reset the Trump administration's flawed policies in the Middle East.

When the Pardon Furthers the Conspiracy: Limits to the Pardon Power

Despite concerns that President Trump will use his pardon power to undermine the Mueller investigation, author Sam Berger notes that an obstructive pardon would itself amount to a continuation of conspiracy—and would therefore be subject to legal liability.