A New Social Contract for the 21st Century

In light of the glaring inequalities exposed by the coronavirus pandemic, Neera Tanden outlines the need for a comprehensive 21st-century social contract that will not only lead the United States into recovery but also rethink the existing relationship between individuals, corporations, and the government.

The Progressive Defense Budget

Lawrence J. Korb writes about decisions that should be made in the fiscal year 2021 defense budget—including the provision of funds to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

How the West could win a technological ‘shadow war’ with China

Authors Anja Manuel and Melanie Hart discuss an ongoing struggle within the International Telecommunication Union between the United States and China to determine which country will have the upper hand when it comes to establishing new global standards for technological developments.

Leading the Intelligence Community Will Be a Test for Ratcliffe

Authors Matt Olsen and Katrina Mulligan evaluate the newly confirmed director of national intelligence, Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX), arguing that he must safeguard the independence of the intelligence community and fend off President Trump's attempts to use classified information for his own purposes.