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Americans Don’t Want Conservatives to Repeal Health Reform

The latest edition of the monthly Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows that, despite Americans’ contradictory feelings about the Affordable Care Act, conservative attempts to repeal it are likely to be met with resistance from the public.

On the one hand, more Americans are not in favor (44 percent) than in favor (37 percent) of the new law. But on the other, by majorities ranging from 57 percent to 84 percent, they are approve of almost all provisions included in the law. The sole exception is the individual mandate to purchase insurance, where just 35 percent are in favor.

These views explain why 50 percent of respondents in the same poll say they would like Congress to either expand the Affordable Care Act or keep it as-is rather than repeal or replace it with a Republican-sponsored alternative (39 percent). It is also worth noting that since February, the number wanting to keep or expand the law has never dropped below 50 percent, while the number wanting to repeal or replace has never exceeded 39 percent.

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